BUZZCUTS 2012 REVIEW: Aunty Donna and the Fax Machine Shop


The boys from Aunty Donna are back and they’re bringing with them their hilarious new comedy Aunty Donna and the Fax Machine shop. The story is set in an absurd fictitious land and follows the journey of Aunty Donna trying to solve a murder mystery. If you haven’t seen these boys before then brace yourself, cause you’re in for a wild ride. Whilst the storyline left a lot to be desired, the way these four larrikins work together is world-class. Their gestures, facial expressions and acting skills are the reason that these boys consistently sell out shows and continue to grow in popularity.

The Loft at the Linuthanian Club is the perfect location for this show as its small and intimate. The boys had the whole room roaring with laughter and whilst I may not have found all the jokes funny, those of you who love slapstick comedy will leave the show more than fulfilled. Be warned, the show is dripping in sexual connotations and offensive language. If you can leave the kids at home then be sure to check it out, as these comedians will not disappoint. Aunty Donna and the fax machine shop is playing until the 13th of October, for session times and ticketing information, visit

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