adopt-a-blog: DESSERT FIRST

the blog i have chosen as the one i want to write about is one that is focused around a topic very close to my heart: DESSERTS !

“Dessert First: A passion for pastry” is not only very appealing to look at, but also has great content. This blog is incredibly well developed. the dropbox for the “categories” is such a huge list and each category presents many more options once chosen. my favorite category is the one dedicated to chocolate.

The reason i like this particular blog, more so than other food blogs, is because the writer, Anita, doesnt just post up recipes. Along with the recipe there is an extensive review about the particular dessert which only makes me want to eat it more ! My favorite bit of this blog is reading all the comments that people have posted. the comments are always about how yummy the dessert looks, and how much everyone just wants to eat it ! My favorite comment, and probably one of the most simplest ones, was posted by a lady named Julie in relation to the twix tart. she says that the last picture makes her want to “lick the screen” AHAHAHAH LOVE IT!

i absolutely love this blog. although i never make any recipes from it, the pictures are just so amazing and i can honestly look at it all day !

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