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Showreel 2013  from Scott Huang

My CV can be viewed here.

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Contribution and Collaboration 

Our group worked quite collaboratively, we had a few scheduled meets prior to the event, brainstorming ideas and listing out potential speakers that we could invite. I was part of the video promotion team who filmed the promotion video for the seminar. We brainstormed the ideas together and thought that it might be interesting to bridge our promo video with Week 4's The Veal Job group! So we did. I helped them filmed their meat dropped on RMIT table video as well as ours. It was fun, we were so scared that some stuff member would walk across the room and see us dropping raw meat on university's desk.

Proactive Learning

Although, our time was limited, the process was very fun and it was great getting introduced to all these Australian filmmakers whom I was unfamiliar with. Being in our final semester of study, we are no longer being feed with informations and weekly readings, but are encouraged to be active in seeking our own learning beyond the tasks given in class. I believe most of my learning of this seminar came from our group discussions with friends and even making new friends as well. This course doesn't just consist of the usual 2010 media peeps but also other people from TAF or the year above us, it was great getting to know them too!


I've attended most of our meetings and seminars, because why not? Every week's seminar is different and exciting! There was a couple of times when I didn't know that we had tutorials for the week but apart from that this Media Industry course is the only class where we everyone from the course has is in so it is always great to use the opportunity to 'learn' and  catch up with people. I helped out filming the promotion videos and on the day of the seminar I was documenting the event with Christos.

Connections and Interactions

Although we are all good friends and had a good time together, I do think that organising an event or working on any collaboration project with a large amount of people (15 in this case) can become quite messy when there is no define roles and hierarchy set. Feels like we all had 'tasks' to do instead of 'roles' and 'responsibility' to fulfil. At times it can be hard to allocate works and the crew would become less efficient as a result. Overall, it was an enjoyable learning experience organising the event, it's actually kind of similar to a film shoot from pre to production/event and then post. Promotion is done at the pre stage instead of post though. The seminar was also very helpful, we got to know and hear from different speakers every week, listening to their opinions and experiences on their works. It certainly gave me more idea as to what I want to do in the future and it was great having the opportunity to ask questions and discuss them not just in the seminar but also with our tutor and peers. What's great about this course is that we all come together with different ideal career pathways in mind and this seminar provided the opportunity to mix it up a bit.

Grade: HD (90%)

Blog Links (Seminar 1) (Seminar 2) (Seminar 3)

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Uni didn't offer me doors, instead it presents me with views through its window frames...
and for that I'm grateful for the inspirations and letting me dream.

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The idea of Imported Meat inviting Australian speakers working across international landscapes is great, especially when this group didn't have a set topic at the beginning of the semester. I like how they tried to follow a airline theme for the seminar. They had 'meat passports' and their brochure mimics the safety guide on a airplane. They even had the budget to buy airplane steward uniforms! And of course Michael Lincoln was the captain of the plane!

I think they are the only group so far that had 5 guests for the seminar. In my opinion, i think with only an hour and half, 5 passengers might be too many for the plane... They could have the Skype interview as additional online videos or hand it in as final package. The content in the Skype interview with Sofia was great, but it kind of defeats the purpose of a live seminar, because it was pre recorded, audience couldn't ask any questions. Nonetheless, I really like the variety of guest we have this week, more RMIT graduates! Michael asked many good questions that's so helpful for people that are looking to work internationally. I like how a lot of the Q & A were answered by not just one guest but all of them - everyone had different experiences and therefore different responses and advices.

The Q & A really took off as the seminar was about end... I wished that the flight could be a bit longer!

Fun fact: It takes a total of 10 hours flights from Australia to Taiwan and it's nowhere near as enjoyable as this flight ;)

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This guys made a website!


Talking about the world of new media, making a website as promotion is very fitting to their topic. Even though I didn't see much of their physical poster around RMIT campus, their online actives were noticeable. The fact that most of their promotion was through online media which didn't work as well in a university setting raises an interesting discussion on the effectiveness of online promotion verses traditional ones. I think a lot of it is about knowing your targeted audience, in this case, it's RMIT students and teachers that are the majority. We all know how often we actually check the Facebook Media Page.... In my opinion, the stairway in building 9 is the best location to promo events, because everyone walks pass there everyday. Though, on the Facebook page you can actually see how many people that saw your posts, I still don't think the online location would generate as much exposure as the stairway. In a university setting, even word of mouth promotion can be very effective too.

I wish that their seminar would touch on this discussion more -  Why New Media?

I like how they invited RMIT graduates whom only a few years ago were in the same position as us. Hearing about their path to the industry was very helpful. They had, social media manager, executive creative director, digital communication manager and managing director. I'm more familiar with roles in regards to film, so it's fresh to hear about jobs related to New Media. This was a job oriented seminar and from hearing the way the 4 speakers spoke, I could sense that our personality and character is what ultimately director us to the different roles and position in whatever industry we are at.

Maddy did a great job hosting the seminar, and I love seeing the way our media industry seminar kept setting evolving week by week, now they even bring down the couch from level two! Great idea! I definitely makes the speakers more relaxed and feel more at ease being interview on stage. However, I don't think it would work as well for our Film seminar, I like our chairs and table featuring harsh side lights. Their finger food is probably the best so far, I give props to the person that prepared it!



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Somehow I feel like their movie screening theme should be the theme for our Fresh Meat: Well Done Seminar next week and our Behind the scene theme should be theirs instead. Nevertheless, The Veal Jobs did a great job kicking off this year's Media Industry seminar and they totally pulled off the Movie Screening theme. The popcorn machine is a winner and also borrowed a red carpet! You can tell they put in a lot of effort into this seminar and it definitely paid off. They also paid attention to details, not only was people dressed in movie theatre uniforms, they also carried torches around! Sebastian did a great job designing the sans-movie ticket and handouts, Ian and Sam also did a great job setting up the lighting. The seminar really looked quite glamours which is kind of ironic because their topic is called The Veal Jobs. It's going to be a tough act to follow for us next week. Some people in our group are suggesting that we should have cotton candy machine next week! I love to eat cotton candy but I'm not sure if it fits into our theme, we wanted to set up the seminar like the way a movie scene is being set up in studio, but it's kind of difficult with limited amount of equipment we are allowed to borrow, only 30 mins to set up less then 15 to pack it all up. You never realised how hard it is until you get down and do it yourself, hence I think The Veal Job really did a great job.

The mix between their guests are also well thought out, we have a Location Manager, DOP, 1st AD, and, Editor taking us through from pre to production to post. Blake was a very good host who asked many good questions and generated some good discussions among the guests. They had a strong focus on the 'entree level' side targeted to us students who are looking in entering the industry. Overall, I think it's quite insightful being able to hear first hand experiences from the guests and I think the take home message is to get yourself out their and learn through practice.

Grade: HD!


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I was suppose to write my Media Industry PRN draft today, but somehow I chose to be with my MI groups mates preparing for the seminar tomorrow the whole day and end up going to my friend's PP2 film trivia fundraising night.... Did nothing, but I thought it was worth it.

Learn to play! and have fun in the moment

We ought to enjoy in the process of making for our time is only limited. Experience the infinite.

Being at their fundraising, I realised how important it is to have fun. One of my photography friend said to me once that the best photos that he takes often come from the best moment. It's not just about the timing but more of the feeling... it's not the same as to capturing light.... it's memory recollected... very potent.

I love film and art, but somehow I realised that I don't know how to enjoy the process and find it enduring.... My goal would be to change that perspective and learn to play... to live the process. I don't want to bring downed energy to my group and the people that I work with. Worrying is effective, but it shouldn't be my motivation.... even if it works. There must be a better way... and I want to find it.  I hope I will.

Living should not be constant comparisons... Over the years, I have become so inwardly comparative that I had lost track of the idea of playing and just having fun. Filmmaking is really a process of doing and learning. Be aware of your surrounding and yourself. I believe it can be an enjoyable one.


Thanks Tom :)

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'Love is a Losing Game' by Amy Winehouse


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– ROLE – 

I like the way our groups are formed – not by nametags drawn out of a hat, but instead we all came together out of common interest. We were all interested in the same research topic when we explored and discussed ‘Online Distribution (mainly Netflix and TV culture)’ in class weeks before; this helped to minimise a lot of potential conflicts. The biggest problem for me is that I don’t feel confident in my writing and I write extremely slow. Hence, I tried not to take on too much responsibility in terms of writing the content. However, I am very fascinated and interested in researching on this topic and tried to commit to the workload as much as I can. Due to the natural of our project being that we all came together already having a rough research direction that we wanted to explore further, we decided not to set fixed roles to each of our group members so that we are all in the same common ground, sharing the same roles (researchers) and the same goal: A deeper understanding of the online distribution shift in television, hoping to have a clearer view of the direction its heading. Fortunately, our research directions didn’t overlap and kind of formed itself quite well. Matt was interested in exploring the correlation between online music stream services (Spotify) and online television stream service (Netflix); Tom Russel was interested in the role that advertising plays in this online shift; Jeffery was interested in the logistics, economic side of the shift; I was interested in the television sector (How it was changed and what is happening now) and Tom Pike was in charged of the overall, filling the gaps of our research while keeping in connect with our progress.

Matt: Spotify and Netflix
Tom R: Advertising and economic solutions
Jeffery: Economic issues
Tom P: Culture and Community
Scott: TV evolution (Past - Present)
Together: Speculation

– Progress –

In terms of progress, I have put in quite a lot of effort into this research. Even though it would seem very minimal from a ‘word count’ perspective, I still spent a lot of time in reading articles and journals in my spare time, I generally really like our research topic and would like to explore more on the possibilities that lies beyond this shift. The beauty of this topic is that, it is always in a state of flux; there are so many new information and news updates everyday that would provide new insights and perspective to our study. I find that the most efficient way of research for me is to read articles and then discuss them we my group members. I find that it is through discussion, sharing our research with each other that we learnt the most (person to person, groups, and also online). We all came together interested in the same topic, but our direction was very vague at the start. We began our study from the research on Netflix, attracted by its content ‘House of Cards’ and the new distribution model. However, after we had done some research, when we come together to discuss our progress, we realised that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge and rely on our own speculations. The future is yet to be in our hands and the best thing we can do now is to be prepared. With every change, lies a new opportunity. We are always living in an exciting time if we are constantly searching for new possibilities. Even though our website is done, our research is never done and the discussions will never end.

Course Reading/Lecture Reflection: (POST 1 ) (POST 2)
Thoughts on our research topic: (POST)

 – Strategies –

I like the way we tackled this research – not from an observer point of view where we simply summarise our findings, explaining what is being happening; but instead, we tried to tackle this topic (online shift in television industry) from a point of view as if we are part of the work force, hence, being critical of the potential risks as well as constantly seeking out new opportunities and possible solutions to minimise risks.  We had our own exploration phase at the beginning where we encouraged everyone to search and read on anything relatable to our topic while keeping in contact with each other. After that, through discussion, we share and compare each other’s findings and began to shape our arguments for further research either backing up or redefining our claims. Although, it got a bit hard to keep track of everyone’s progress because we don’t see each other that often, but at least we have an idea of where everyone is researching, because we had many great conversations. I wished that we had recorded some of them, but I would probably be so nervous and the discussion wouldn’t be as natural. I think the discussion is just a thought process to shape our understanding better. I had a good experience collaborating with the group and I learnt a lot in terms of how to communicate an idea better and to be more precise with providing concrete evidences and arguments.

Annotated Bibliography (POST)
Research Bookmarks (LINK)
Twitter Favourites (LINK)

– Problems – 

As a group, I think the biggest problem is that we couldn’t meet up together with everyone all the time. It was very hard to find a time that suits everyone. I think the solution we come up with is to talk to each other online, through our facebook group. We also try our best to talk to each other about our progress whenever we can. I think that talking with other group mates are the best way for me to reflect on my study. I could sit in front of the computer for hours, but it wouldn’t be as useful as to when I talk to my group mate about our findings on facebook. Tom and I had a great chat on facebook about binge viewing and the way it can affect our experience of show. Nevertheless, I see this as only a temporary solution to my problem, I still need to work on improving my writing skill, and so I can write better and become more efficient. I have since tried to blog more after our annotated bibliography. I find that if I type it in a colloquial way as if I’m talking to someone, I could write a lot faster, in synch with my thought process better. What I found interesting is that when I start writing some reflections down on my blog before we have our discussion; it became more fluent when I try to communicate an idea with my other group mates, so practising writing more frequently does help a lot, not just in terms of writing skill but also self-expressions.

Research Reflections (POST 1)(POST 2)(POST 3)(POST 4)(POST 5)(POST 6)

– Connections and Interactions –

Overall, I feel like that I grow to see the value of reflections and research more. It seemed very challenging at the beginning of the semester, mainly because I felt that this course would required a lot of academic writings and critical analysis. I did not want to let my team down, because I can’t produce decent academic content. I tried to make it up by providing more insight and do as much research as I can to really dig into the core of our subject. It is far more valuable to be able to identify and spot out potential opportunities from research, discussion and reflections. I feel like that writing takes time to improve, and it is a slow process that requires consistency and a lot of patience, working out a way to express myself more fluently. I enjoyed a lot with our group discussions, just evaluating different strategies and potentials issues in terms of working in film/TV industry in the future.  The term ‘Media Industry’ really frightens me, because it feels so immediate, in a sense that it inform to us that we are no longer freshman university student, but are entering the work force very soon. I definitely still need to improve on my communication and writing skills. This course taught us how to push ourselves to me more self-motivation, finding out what is the best way for us to grow and improve. It is great for the tutors to guide us, providing a working space for us to collaborate, giving us the opportunity to find our own orientation. This was quite a beneficial learning experience for me, and I actually enjoyed the research journey a lot more than I thought, I just need to document and reflect on it more through the writing, because it does help to make me organise my thoughts better.