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the agency list on my mind

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October 11th, 2010 Posted 2:25 PM

  • Adcorp – Advertising communications company helping clients maximize their communications processes.

  • Australasian Television Awards – Awards for creative excellence in television advertising. Includes list of winners and entry details.

  • Badjar – Internet advertising.

  • Breakthrough Corporation – Marketing and communications group existing of five highly specialised divisions including marketing, advertising, direct, design, and media.

  • Clemenger BBDO – Advertising and communications group with locations in Australia and New Zealand.

  • d74 – Creative marketing agency specialising in graphic design, advertising, and interactive web sites.

  • DDB Australia – Advertising agency.

  • Exero Advertising – Cross-media platform advertising, marketing and multimedia advertising agency specialising in branded products.

  • Foster Nunn Loveder – An advertising media and communications company.

  • Glue Society, The – Conceives and produces creative work through copywriting, art direction, graphic and product design, and film direction.

  • Green Advertising Group

  • Inlink – Delivers information, entertainment, and video advertising via a network of digital display screens installed in the elevators of high-rise office buildings.

  • JRA Studios – Fully integrated digital technology studio using the web for advertising media production.

  • Michael, Maya & Co – Agency and media representatives specialising in the Asian market.

  • Prographics – Offer packages of graphic and web design for corporate requirements.

  • Revelation Productions – Offers retail ad management, fashion concepts, and government and community communications.

  • Scimitar Advertising – Market strategy, corporate image development, full design and production facility for print and electronic media.

  • Spark Brand Communications – Offers experitse in direct and point of sale advertising, promotions, and web design.

  • THEM Advertising (SA) Pty Ltd – Marketing solutions for government, retailers, products and services. In-house design and production for press, direct-marketing, television, radio , Internet, outdoor and printed matter.

  • Thurnham Teece – Full service advertising, marketing, and publicity agency.

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Work Attachment Report


October 10th, 2010 Posted 6:45 AM


Success is not waiting for someone who treats it as lotto game. It is the best thing I have learnt during my intern period.

From 10th January to 10th February 2010, I took my internship at Taiyuan Empire Film & Advertising Company (太原圣朝影视传播有限公司 ) as a copywriter. It is an advertising and TV company, it supplies TV commercial advertisements for brands also gets involved in TV programme shooting, and it has been told as the biggest media company in Shanxi Province.

Working this company is a good opportunity to try my ideas, because it is not a huge and worldwide company, so my own intern experience was more practical than others.   And I was happy to see that my ideas were highly valued by the professionals working there, and it was actually been filmed and be on the TV in local area.

The experience I got from this company is very precious, because it is different from what I have learnt in Australia. As my major is media, the difficulty is how myself to get used to the advertising environment, though I took an elective course about advertising, it is more about the marketing theory.  Especially I took my intern at the creative department, I felt it was difficult to start and make people to highly valuate the words from a new intern.

But thanks to those difficulties I had, so I learnt more than usual when everything is ok.

The real talent people do not only use what they have got, they also have the ability to make people to recognize their talent.

Before I put my actual thoughts in a competitive working environment, I thought maybe I should work like Van Gogh —there is no need to make people to believe my talent, what I need to do is only to go on with my thoughts and my own style, However it has been turned down when I first time drafted the creative ideas for a Chinese wine—Li Hua Chun. It is one of the most famous traditional Chinese wine brands. So I wanted to use some traditional cultural elements to emphasize it. At the first I was so ambitious that I made many brainstorming activities with exciting narratives and visuals. Like one of those ideas is a Kong Fu scene —two ancient generals are fighting for a glass of wine, so the audience can see how good the wine is that it makes people fight for it.  But the creative director who I worked for, who also is the guidance to me, told me that we did not need this kind of story, according to the budget and the customer, the method should focus on the audience.  And the format is actually a simple 1-minute animation with professional language of slogan.

图片 2

However I was thinking it was a shame for Chinese local advertising company, because it has so many limits to make a good advertisement, so the local brand cannot win the competitions with big global brand, such as ‘Chivas’.

But then I realized nothing could prove that you are right unless you show the truth as your evidence to prove your talent. So I learnt that I was wrong because I set up my goal out of the reality, which is too high to achieve.

Learn from the loss.  And be positive.

My second campaign is better than the first one, and it has been broadcasted on TV.  Though I was not happy with the quality of the TV commercial ad, but I am happy that I proved myself.  It is an advertisement for a local supermarket, it is name is “Jia le Mei”, the meaning of it is “good, happy and nice”.   Because it is a supermarket in a particular city, so I made a small script and a storyboard for the ad.  I used four different characters, which are the target audience from different groups of people—- a 60 years old woman, a housewife, a young guy, and a child.  And each other them has a 2~3 seconds shot, and they focused on the different features of the supermarket:

This time I did not make the same mistake, according to the local audience’s acceptable level, and because it is a local supermarket, I think the awareness of the target audience needs to be focused on the ‘local’—with the pride of the place where they are living, they will feel they need to support their local business. And I chose some simple narrative and lines for a short TV commercial video; so within the limited budget, the simple but vivid ad will make audience memorize it, which my guidance also agreed with me.




old woman

.”Jia Le Mei, good price”

looks at the price of the product


“Jia Le Mei, wide range of products, good qualities’

puts the product into the shopping cart

young guy

“Jia Le Mei,  happy shopping atmosphere”

buys a hot drink for his girlfriend


“ I love Jia Le Mei !”

holds a candy and smiles


.“  Jia Le Mei, the supermarket belongs to us ‘”


The opportunity won’t wait for people to catch.

I think the only regret for this case is that I did not go with the production team for shooting, because no one asked me to go. And when creative director asked me why I did not go with the team, I told him the reason. Then he asked I should ask, and I should catch this opportunity to see how my idea to be made to a video.  I did feel regret, because when I looked at the footage, I was not satisfied with the set-up and the character selecting.  But it was too late to say, I will keep this lesson in my mind,

And during the intern I was also responsible to come up with different plans and ideas for different advertisements, like an online shopping website of beauty products, and a promotion activity for a seasoning brand.   But I think my best one is still the local supermarket ad, because I used my strength of media background.

Be aware of relationship with people who are working with you

However besides of working as a creative, I also learnt something that I could not learn in Australia, but it is necessary for me to learn.

Actually, at the first I was working with a different guidance, and he worked as an account manager besides creative director. But I did not learn what I expected until the other creative director asked me to help him and after he saw my draft for an ad, he always asked me to help.    The first day that I worked there was not pleasing, and I cried after work. Because when I arrived the office early and asked my first guidance what I need to do, he only asked me to clean the office, without teaching me anything about advertising, But I know it is quite common phenomenon when a intern just starts to work in a new place.  And as they knew that I would not stay in this company, as I had to go back to Australia, they put my guidance name instead of my name in the credits in the advertisement that was made from my idea.  And maybe I was too shy to ask questions, so I could never get the answers I want.

I was upset when I was treated unfairly on the first day working there, and I was thinking to quit. But they I realised I had to start from the dealing with the difficulties. If I cannot work well in my hometown, how could I successfully work well in a foreign country such as Australia?  So I became more positive and active at work, and there was a very kind professional— Wu Hai Hong, the strategy planner, and he was the teacher of both of the creative directors. Wu Hai Hong  was really nice to me, and he always asked me questions and asked me to bring him any questions on my mind. He gave me a lot encouragement and he taught me a lot about advertising industry in China, which I am so grateful for that, I think it would happen again to me, some people maybe do not think you are useful to them, or they just do not care when they think they have enough experiences. But In someway, there must be someone who recognize your talent and they would like to help you and teach you.   The thing is just like my last guidance told me, “If you never try, you never know.”


Actually I had the thought to take my intern in a big company in Beijing or Shanghai, because it may make my resume more powerful. But when I looked around, some of my friends told me their experience that they did nothing when they were working in big company or production, because their abilities was hard to be trusted. But I am happy with the result of my intern, because I worked in my hometown,  it is developing city with fast speed , it has a touching desire of becoming powerful. Working in this best local media company, I learnt many things, trying of my ideas, and to make people listen to me. And as a local, building the image of our local business brands is my responsibility when I was working as an advertiser.  And the big background is that Chinse advertising market has been refined and reshaped after China joined WTO, the market changes make advertising industry to change as well. With a big population, China has become a coveted market; Chinese consumer consciousness has been influenced by western culture. So the one social phenomenon is advertising ‘s “newness”.  That requires us to highly value the costumers and the audience, and we need to change the perspectives, to think about what the costumers want and what audience would like to see.  And my guidance told me that advertising is a very competitive industry. 10 years ago, there were 50 big advertising companies, now there are only 2 left on the rank, the others all have been placed by new ones.  And it is easy for people to be involved in advertising industry but it is very hard to stand out.   Having some knowledge about psychology and philosophy is a necessary so we can be aware of requirements of people and the society.

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Canon 5D & FCP

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October 10th, 2010 Posted 4:32 AM

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TV commerical For Austrlia Post

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October 8th, 2010 Posted 7:05 PM

This a video made by myself

It is for Australia Post promoting their social mails.

So i used another thinking to do the  brainstorming  at the first.

Then I found if I focus on the teenagers who rarely write mails , it would be more influential.

So I compared the use of social mails and video cam chatting  , those two communication ways are totally different,  however people might think it takes a long time to write a letter even longer they could receive it. However it is cool that there are some things that internet chatting can not achieve, it is that when you read a letter, you do not need to give them a response. So sometimes , it is still a good communication way.  That is also a reason that why there are still many people writing letters and sending post cards.

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Week 11

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October 7th, 2010 Posted 2:05 AM

Cannon 5D

Here are notes that during the workshop :

The first one is that it is better that we don’t use Canon 5D above 800(~1000) ISO in dark if u dont want noise in our footage. And we need to fix zoom lens before we start to shoot , it is also called prime lens. (e.g 50mm). Before we take photos we also need to do the light test—by trying did different ISO and aperture. Check the shutter, see how fast the shutter closes, 16 -60 per second.(rolling shutter). And it is good that we have to pay attention to try different settings and look at your test in your laptop. When we r making a video by 5D , we ’s better to take image stabilization off. Mount the camera. If we want a good depth of filed of look, we can use filters to achieve that.

Post production:
canon 5D automatically uses H264 compression. get it out of file format before going into final cut.
5Dto RGB, MPEG stream clip–> capture –> apple pro-Res 422HQ (HD).

P.S Canon 5D is not good at exposure changing between dark and light environments.

Posted on – Tips for filming underwater using a Canon 5D Mark ii Footage from David Martin on Vimeo.

Those are the videos from people who are doing experiences on Canon5D.  I like the second one , under water shooting is really cool. Maybe we can have a try . Because that 5D has a good picture quality. and I wanna do more experiences on its shutter speed and take some pictures to create a different time-lapse video. Because I have seen a video that they also changes the angle and position of the camera to make a time-lapse video though I cannot find the video at the moment.


Seminar 7: Film & TV

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October 4th, 2010 Posted 1:42 AM

Week: 10
Seminar title: Film & Tv
(ethics, survival, creativity, trends)

1. Appropriate questions (research, moderation, hosting)—- C
Firstly the moderation is not bad, the questions are clear enough and give us a deep insight. Somehow the questions still need more research on each particular section. Because the question is not really relevant to every speaker, and I was expecting more from the answers. Like the topic seems more focused on the “ethics” than “creativity”. The introduction of each guest speaker did not work well. But the atmosphere of hosting is full of happiness and encouragement.

2. Guest relevance to the topic—-HD

Good arrangements on guests, from actor, director, producer, writer and DOP, a wide range of the roles on film & TV production. And they are successful and extremely good models for us to learn. I was happy to hear their experience of their working process. They have more professional view on the production process. But how to give us a clear impression among 5 guest speaker is not easy, the corporation between them was in a complicated order. But people should turn up after they saw the ad on facebook event page, but what a shame that there were not many people attending this seminar than I expected.

3. Quality of seminar facilitation (including set-up, staging, refreshments, audience interaction, flow, technical eg sound, IT)—high C

The handout did impress me, because they put profile photo for each guest. And we can see a good preparation from the handouts, with the photos of each guest speaker. But the sound tech is not good; due to the problem of the microphone. And the set-up of seats for guests was not really nice,. For the lighting, I do not know why it was dark and “dreamy”.

4. Seminar Content—D

About this attractive theme and topic, I was expecting more drama or art film directors would come to this seminar, rather than just documentary side professionals. However the guests of this seminar did pass me some passion and useful information. After this seminar , I started to think more details about my future career. Good motivation :)

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week 10

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October 2nd, 2010 Posted 7:53 PM

This week we presented our video B . I am so happy that I saw every group has its growth.

And I am happy that we got many positive feedback and encouragements.

I think we are working well fine with the split scree and the storyline. haha~~ also those ideas are from me.  :)

but we have some things that we need to improve:

1.  facebook thing is not really clear to audience

—- maybe we need to have a close-up of the facebook page of the particular part for the audience .

like the girl should be clear seen on the guy’s facebook when his photograph displayed.

2.cut 20s down—– it is a little long, so we need to make our video a little shorter

3. music can last longer .

4.but our music  does not really fit in the end.

Seth said that the Jazz part is where working , but we should use something else , which can bring more depth.


  • the sound of the camera,

  • click laptop—leads audience to watch one of the character coming up

  • background sounds of restaurant and street.

  • use music with lyrics

For other groups , I have some thoughts as below:

In Jim’s group. their animation is really interesting, and the using of stop motion is smart to show. And i like the feeling of the hand drawing, along with the figure.  We can see the changes of the picture, from a bird then becomes into the Flinders st. And the motion is continuous —- train coming. It displays a girl living in Melbourne city without speaking , but a kind of telling us something in an abstract way.   And it is not only black-white drawing, the red and yellow colours sometimes stand out .And they also change the perspective —zoom in and zoom out.  It is a post-modern work

April’s group: I like the story and the beginning what they typed on the screen. But i think the “clock” does not work well , maybe they can repeat it at the end. and go back to the first scene to suggest that they actually met before. At the same time, a lot people think that the draft is better than their final one. However I think timeless is a beautiful poem , and it deserves a beautiful story.

Laura’s group:  Their video is a little experimental . because they put their individual work together into one. I like the natural sound from the sea and the footsteps in the dark. It is quiet personal and poetic.  But i think the previous of their individual one is not bad, and i think it is not clear to put them together without distinguishing between them.

Julianna’s group:  I like the interaction between  the projector and the character. but personally I prefer the previous version , maybe the emotion was strong in the previous one. likewise I like their video  has a good representation of their poem.

In the end , i am quiet happy with our work and those suggestions that we have got. I am looking forward to see the better one after we improve it.


No.4 Experienment

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September 27th, 2010 Posted 2:14 PM

The process was so excited that three of us were standing between two drive ways of kings way near Crown.

We have to film some traffic scene to suggest this city’s busy side .

I really like this piece.

The coldness on that bridge was really worthy !

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Video B

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September 27th, 2010 Posted 11:25 AM

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experiement 2

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September 25th, 2010 Posted 7:59 PM

This time I think we did better than last time

The people street walking is good, the camera angle is also perfect, which demonstrates both of Melbourne Central and state Library.

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