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1. Melbourne Films: helps companies meet their video communication as well as web and multimedia solutions everyday. Whatever they need, we have the ideas, the drive and the vision to help you. We inspire our works to continuosly grow with strong support by its passionate and highly skilled in-house team. Our extensive and trusted network of creative professionals means we can fulfill short-term turnaround and a range of varying business needs – from anywhere in the world.

2. it is a cool company , and i believe the people working in this company can talk about the commercial and technology side.

3. nfsa:
i think i ll just call them or visit the place tmr . Melbourne Street AddressLevel 3, 114 Flinders St
Melbourne VIC 30011800 067 274

4.Dave Redman :
Dave Redman is an award-winning film & television editor based in Melbourne. I think we can interview him that how he market his idea to make films .

Aside from her work as a writer or director, Katrina’s credits also include working as a television director (The Wedge,

Channel 10), producer (Standing Up for ABC TV), producer/director (Skybus TV for Immediacy), first assistant director (Totally Full Frontal, Network 10), short film selection panel member (Melbourne International Film Festival), project manager (St Kilda Film Festival), and comedy writer (Granada Productions, Cornerbox, Act 3 Animation and ABC TV) and she’s been an invited guest speaker or judge at a number of film forums, awards & conferences.
Katrina continues to also work as a professional actor, voice over artist and animation voice actor, most recently she’s been appearing as a regular actor on Channel 10’s popular sketch series The Wedge. Katrina starred in Economy Class, an Australian telemovie with Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell and Marg Downey, as well as the ABC TV comedy series Flipside. She appears in the original short film that was made for Saw; the multi-award winning interactive production about heroin addiction Shot,

6. Richard Wolstencroft
MUFF Fest Director

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