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week 6

This week we had Time-Lapse workshop By Nic Kocher.

He introduced us some useful methods about  how to create time-lapse video.

I think it is very useful to know because everytime I watch the time-lapse scene in movies, i was always wondering how they created such poetic and beautiful thing,.

Now I know.

Firstly we have to use tripod so we can make every frame even and match. And we need to use manual exposure, in case of flicker, and use manual , the light wont automatically change that we can see the small changes of light little by little.  But if we are shooting over day and night, or in a large condition of lighting, we can use the semi-auto aperture priority setting which will vary the shutter speed. And we also need to use manual focus. so the focus wont jump again and again, it will affect our visual flow. But if we wanna things stay stable , we can set the aperture smaller in to increase the depth of field , or use a wider lens, it also helps with the depth of field to.  And what we need to do before is shoot pictures on small or medium size, so check the menu settings.

The most important thing is that we should know how to do the Time-lapse Maths:

a=length of final movie (in seconds)

b=frame rate of playback (fps)

c=length of time of event you wan to shoot (seconds)

c/ab=how many seconds apart each shot needs to be

we mostly do 15 frames per sec

if we want a blur effect —  make the shutter speed 30 sec

post-production: Apple prores.422 (HQ)

if not H264

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