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Week 11

Cannon 5D

Here are notes that during the workshop :

The first one is that it is better that we don’t use Canon 5D above 800(~1000) ISO in dark if u dont want noise in our footage. And we need to fix zoom lens before we start to shoot , it is also called prime lens. (e.g 50mm). Before we take photos we also need to do the light test—by trying did different ISO and aperture. Check the shutter, see how fast the shutter closes, 16 -60 per second.(rolling shutter). And it is good that we have to pay attention to try different settings and look at your test in your laptop. When we r making a video by 5D , we ’s better to take image stabilization off. Mount the camera. If we want a good depth of filed of look, we can use filters to achieve that.

Post production:
canon 5D automatically uses H264 compression. get it out of file format before going into final cut.
5Dto RGB, MPEG stream clip–> capture –> apple pro-Res 422HQ (HD).

P.S Canon 5D is not good at exposure changing between dark and light environments.

Posted on – Tips for filming underwater using a Canon 5D Mark ii Footage from David Martin on Vimeo.

Those are the videos from people who are doing experiences on Canon5D.  I like the second one , under water shooting is really cool. Maybe we can have a try . Because that 5D has a good picture quality. and I wanna do more experiences on its shutter speed and take some pictures to create a different time-lapse video. Because I have seen a video that they also changes the angle and position of the camera to make a time-lapse video though I cannot find the video at the moment.

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