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week 10

This week we presented our video B . I am so happy that I saw every group has its growth.

And I am happy that we got many positive feedback and encouragements.

I think we are working well fine with the split scree and the storyline. haha~~ also those ideas are from me.  :)

but we have some things that we need to improve:

1.  facebook thing is not really clear to audience

—- maybe we need to have a close-up of the facebook page of the particular part for the audience .

like the girl should be clear seen on the guy’s facebook when his photograph displayed.

2.cut 20s down—– it is a little long, so we need to make our video a little shorter

3. music can last longer .

4.but our music  does not really fit in the end.

Seth said that the Jazz part is where working , but we should use something else , which can bring more depth.


  • the sound of the camera,

  • click laptop—leads audience to watch one of the character coming up

  • background sounds of restaurant and street.

  • use music with lyrics

For other groups , I have some thoughts as below:

In Jim’s group. their animation is really interesting, and the using of stop motion is smart to show. And i like the feeling of the hand drawing, along with the figure.  We can see the changes of the picture, from a bird then becomes into the Flinders st. And the motion is continuous —- train coming. It displays a girl living in Melbourne city without speaking , but a kind of telling us something in an abstract way.   And it is not only black-white drawing, the red and yellow colours sometimes stand out .And they also change the perspective —zoom in and zoom out.  It is a post-modern work

April’s group: I like the story and the beginning what they typed on the screen. But i think the “clock” does not work well , maybe they can repeat it at the end. and go back to the first scene to suggest that they actually met before. At the same time, a lot people think that the draft is better than their final one. However I think timeless is a beautiful poem , and it deserves a beautiful story.

Laura’s group:  Their video is a little experimental . because they put their individual work together into one. I like the natural sound from the sea and the footsteps in the dark. It is quiet personal and poetic.  But i think the previous of their individual one is not bad, and i think it is not clear to put them together without distinguishing between them.

Julianna’s group:  I like the interaction between  the projector and the character. but personally I prefer the previous version , maybe the emotion was strong in the previous one. likewise I like their video  has a good representation of their poem.

In the end , i am quiet happy with our work and those suggestions that we have got. I am looking forward to see the better one after we improve it.

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