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No.4 Experienment

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September 27th, 2010 Posted 2:14 PM

The process was so excited that three of us were standing between two drive ways of kings way near Crown.

We have to film some traffic scene to suggest this city’s busy side .

I really like this piece.

The coldness on that bridge was really worthy !

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Video B

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September 27th, 2010 Posted 11:25 AM

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experiement 2

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September 25th, 2010 Posted 7:59 PM

This time I think we did better than last time

The people street walking is good, the camera angle is also perfect, which demonstrates both of Melbourne Central and state Library.

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week 9:social network: a reflection to our poem

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September 25th, 2010 Posted 5:00 AM

I am thinking that we can use facebook which can reflect the social network, also it is can be a clue or key in our video B —–a girl and a guy , they are friends on facebook, they meet with each other somehow.

But they never know who he/she is exactly, in the reality, they never talk to each other.

Social Network from Melissa De Vera on Vimeo.

It is a very interesting video, which makes me wonder how she made it. The layout of the whole picture is cool. And the presentation way is also cool. It is about a girl who updates her status about what she is doing and thinking every often. I think it is quite common among some people.

So i think maybe in our poem, we can develop this kind of this type of people, and they share the similar life experience.But the conflict is that they actually do not know each other, which reflects the theme of the poem.


Experienment on time-lapse

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September 22nd, 2010 Posted 2:06 PM

This is  the first part of our experiments on time-lapse.

But I do not think it is successful

There were not much change of the day light and moving subjects.

And also during the shooting, the camera changed its position and angle because of the big wind.

So I think we do need to do more practices next time

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experienment on time-lapse

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September 21st, 2010 Posted 10:59 AM

This is our time-lapse video for our video B. But we did not put all of it because of the time issue.

But i really like this one, I like the changing of the light.

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Seminar 4 Alternative Pathways

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September 20th, 2010 Posted 3:24 AM

Week: 7

Seminar title: Alternative Pathways

1. Appropriate questions (research, moderation, hosting)—D

I really like the question of “What gives RMIT communication students the edge? Have you ever encountered one or were you one? “ These questions very close to my mind—exactly I want to know. It has its good point. But I do not really get the question about the comparison between Melbourne with other places (even internationally), because we can see among those speakers, few are working overseas, no point of asking this question. But I still think the host did a good job on research and hosting.

2. Guest relevance to the topic—–HD
Nice balance, and it was amazing to see the guest from different backgrounds—Sports, PR, Advertising. blogging. And surprisingly there is a guest who is doing what I want to do after graduate— Eugene Catanzariti from Ogilvy. He is so awesome, different from other guests. Because he was not only answering questions, and also he brings us questions —Very smart to interact with students there at that time. And the videos he played did catch my eyes. Now I am wondering how far I could be like him, how much more I need to learn.

3. Quality of seminar facilitation (including set-up, staging, refreshments, audience interaction, flow, technical eg sound, IT)—-D
Sweet designing on food supply. They did not reply much on technical issues, it is all about showing us the “pathways”. A lot people were taking about that cute pink basket on the seat and took that small gift home. Because it is so cute !

4. Seminar Content—- D

Overall, this seminar gives us a good perspective to take a look at other media jobs besides Film and TV. And it is appealing to many students who are expecting different ways. I enjoy catching some information useful from them during the seminar. But then I have more questions for myself—how to impress the employers and what can make myself distinct from other competitors.? And which pathway should I go ? There are so many possibilities after we graduate from university. There are so many ways to our destiny. The thing is how we choose our own path , and how we gonna set our positions, that is the first thing we need to get the answers as soon as we can.

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storyboard for video B

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September 19th, 2010 Posted 3:31 PM


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week 8

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September 16th, 2010 Posted 8:33 PM

Today , we played our sketches in the class.  I really  like Julianna’s group’s video, it is very visual and it has an interesting point of view–it uses projector and the girl interacting with the light and scene from it. And it also has “scene in scene” , the time-lapse as a background as a visual behind of the figure. The expression is beautiful and in an abstract way  . And they also took some words from the poem to support their video. I like the gesture of the character and i got a strong feeling for that. Suggestion: some character between two words can be more specific suggested.     For Lushi’s group,  they did a docu-like video of a international student’s life, and how he meets a girl. And the trick is that girl appears secretly. But I do not think people gonna recognize her at the first time watching. So the suggestion is that develop more about the mysterious girl at the end and also can bring some music in it. The technique side, they used transition between the normal perspective and the guy’s point of view (stop motion), though I do not really get it why used stop motion. I like this story.  For Jim’s group , they displayed some stop-motion video and drawings of train moving, and they used lines , photos combined with drawing, which are different types of animations. But the music is not so resonsed to the visual.  Clair’s group: I really like the one has the water with piano melody. Also the Menton Beach one, with fully feeling for that one, as it leads me down to the water and breath with it. And in another video they also used the rewind technique to play with. I am looking forward to see their final version .

Now it is time for our own video. People were surprised to see that we only used one camera and still be able to keep the consistency between two screens. because we used different angles  and paid attention  to the actors ’s positions and actions  when we were doing the rehearsal.   But some people said  we got too many techniques, because the split screen is already interesting,  What we next to do is that we gonna put facebook scene to fill in the gaps. And Seth suggested that we need to create fake facebook account in order to protect the privacy. And I am thinking that maybe we can put our poem on the facebook, And both of them read it. Will it work?


Reflection video 1 (part 2)

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September 15th, 2010 Posted 3:57 AM

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