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Our mobile version and the final

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Play Quicktime version

The first one is the three minutes one and the second one id the 30 seconds one mobile version.

For the first one, I’m overall satisfied with the production, it reflects most of our ideas and the rough concept of the story. We made pretty much all the sets, designed the arrangement of the forests.making a fine one is a lot harder than I thought because you need to generate many effects, sets, other avatars and many footage to articulate the story. We choose to make things out of the simple objects, and pick the most important pilot to shoot. The story is clear in a fairy tale format, two children going for an adventure and met a witch. The ending was the climax and unexpected. Although we did not provide much details for the story, I think it’s still easy to understand. Most of the things are original and our selling point is ordinary but surprised. We found some great sets for fantasy witch environment, which is very great. Likewise, some camera angles are very good like the spinning angles and bird view. The changing environment set also help a lot to make the creepy witch-like atmosphere.

The mobile version is a bit rough and abstract. Originally our idea was making it into the memories of witches with chanting and whispers. Now it becomes the unknown trip of the two children. I think the new one is more like a trailer, or a hook for the audience, what are the two children doing and where are they going. Since we edit it from the three minutes version, there is no extra shooting on it. Though, the voice-over and the soundscape for the whole is very good.

Why not flash?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Why we study second life rather than flash? I’ve been thinking about this problem for some time.

At first, I think flash can be used a lot wider than machinima. Everything can be connected with Flash. Flash can be animation, can be games, can be advertisement on web page, can be decoration. But Flash is 2D animated and requires more sophisticated skill of drawing and design techniques. Flash is useful in many aspects, but in regard to production and our general course, machinima has it’s advantage.

Machinima is more focus on how to make a short film, which I think it will be more related to the course. It’s more focus on the idea expressing part, the shooting part rather than the making of the sets and character while Flash emphasis on the drawing, the technical aspects.

Second life obviously is a popular computer game, it provides everything just like real life. It’s also very convenience for shooting becuz many things are set for you, it’s also 3D animated. The nature of second life provides what we need from it, we can focus on how to present our story via framing, camera angles and editing.

I think either Flash or machinima is good, and I’m hoping that we will have a chance to know more multimedia and other methods to present our stories and concepts.

In processing machinima

Monday, October 5th, 2009

While shooting with secondlife, I found it’s very flexible in regard to the camera works.

The machinima camera can do many extreme camera angles, it can change the whole view of the picture. If using real camera, we cant try a lot of angles because it requires expensive equipments to achieve the goal. But in machinima, you can turn the camera to whatever angle you want. For example, our theme is fantasy and witch, therefore we need special camera angles to create the horrify atmosphere. Angles like spinning 360 degrees, bird view are hard to achieve by using real camera, but in machinima, it’s a piece of cake. Overall, machinima camera is very easy to use for almost everyone, you dont have to adjust focus, white balance and exposure.

Though it’s easy to use, there are many things that it can’t do. For instance, when you shooting a two point view, you have to log in as the other avatar to have that point of view; it’s not easy to gain the depth of field if u only want to focus on the foreground or the background; you don’t have much control on the iris and exposure to give you the feeling you want. Also, when you want to film at some position, you can’t really adjust it because some sets are locked and you can’t move them physically.

Apart from camera, I think the actors should be mentioned. It’s good that they don’t need to eat, they don’t need to rest and they don’t have any relationships or emotional problems. Moving an avatar is easy, but making them have that kind of facial expression you want needs some effort. I also found that it’s very hard if you have two avatar and you want them to move together. Finger walking can never be better than your legs. Another controlling problem, when you want the avatars to turn their heads or do some gestures, you need to control your mouse well and make it looks like they are looking at where you want; and you need to buy or find some gesture that fits your need.

Machinima, is relevantly easy to use for many people if they wanna present their ideas to the public but with a low budget. They can show roughly what is your aim and some big pictures of you story. In my perspective, I’m still a fan of real world movie amking. Machinima can be done very well but then it requires more mature technology capacity and experienced controlling of the software. While using real people to work on the film or the concept you want to present to others might have a better result.

A good way to earn Lindens

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Because we need lindens to buy some special sets, then I tried to find ways to get lindens.

First I tried the surveys, they were all useless, endless and you can get nothing out of it.

Then I found a post introducing a way to earn lindens, then I tried it which lead me to the website call earn2life. What you should do is go to their secondlife location, and download a hud. Once you get the “hud” from them, you need to wear it, and then connect to the main server , and it will give you offers.

What is the offers?  When you ask for offers, it will give you an ad about the location and tell you if you stay there for 1-3 mins, then you can get 3 linden dollars per visit. Once you accept it, it will send you a landmark and you can teleport yourself to the location. They will count the time for you, and when you finished, it will automatically send you 3 lindens. It’s quick, reliable and real. Think might be helpful to others if they still worried to earn some lindens. If you want to get a job in secondlife, you can also try other ways provided on the website.

Second life cheats?!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Like many otehr computer games, second life is a game, so there will be cheats.

Then I found an post says opposite:

Second Life Cheats – Do Second Life Cheats Really Exsist?

If you are looking for Second Life Cheats then you may be dissapointed! It is a growing trend as more people are joining Second Life for people to try and cheat the system.

Normally they try and do this for money. Well the truth is that Second Life Cheats do not exsist and you will be searching long and hard if you hope to find one!

That said, there are some awesome guides out there that can get you making money very fast on Second Life.

Probably the hardest thing about Second Life is getting started as it can seem a little bit overwhelming but once you get to grips with it it can be very profitable!

One of the best ways to get started on Second Life is not to search for Second Life Cheats as you will normally get your account banned!

The quickest way to riches is to find a good Second Life guide, probably the best guide I have found is the Second Life Riches guide and it contains everything you need to get started!

Then I tried to googled the cheats for second life, and there are really no specific cheats for that. Unless you know how to write scripts and codes. I think it’s also the nature of the game determines the cheats. It’s not like warcraft or other games that you can upgrade your level, rather than that you need lindens, which can be bought with real currency, and make it hard to cheat, maybe illegal to cheat.

Trip in the virtual world

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Before I found it quite hard to travel in second life, I have no clues on which island can be landed, which island has the thing i want, which island is developed and where I can found amazing stuffs. When browsing second life related sites, I found this one: SL Trip Tips. It introduce you where to go and what you can found in the island. It also provide the landmark of the location for you to teleport. I think it’s really useful.

Dive World: Go SCUBA Diving!

Location: Dive World (143,141,28)

This is a great example of terrific use of an island, both land and water!

Sky News TV Studio

Location: Sky News (128, 128, 0)

Sky News, a UK news TV network, has built a large TV studio and station in Second Life. With a studio set for news anchors complete with TV camera and boom mics on trollies, offices and desks, waiting room and meeting rooms, production and director’s tech rooms and more. And, some easter eggs as well – a clue from the Sky News website: “At some of the desks you can play short videos about the jobs of the people who work there.”

Surfing at Chi!

Location: Chi (132,107,52)

Surf’s up in Second Life!

Zen Living Headquarters, Library, and Gardens

Location: Vine (241,187,108)

The Zen Living Headquarters is an imposing building, surrounded by lovely gardens. The sim has a wonderful sound-scape of flowing water, birds, and wind chimes. Another great place to escape your RL dramas.

I think this site is also very useful for anyone who are looking for sets location for shooting.

Second life going commercial for you?

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Anything can go commercial, especially when you have a large user data. I’m not a gamer therefore I cant understand why people paying real money for computer games or anytihing virtual rather than physical. In this case, I can’t understand how can people make a good living via the games either. But I found an example: My Virtual Life. This is about casestudies of the successful examples of making money via secondlife.

In my perspective, the most popular way to make it connected to the real worldis advertising. Since so many people use it and wander around the islands, if you can put an advertisement in the most popular spot, you will get what you want. But according to my experience in secondlife, I didn’t see much advertisement form real world brand. Rather than this, people tend to make their own brands in regard to manuacturing secondlife outfits, set or any other objects and textures. They seem to open another market in secondlife which only provides virtual goods and they promote their virtual branding.

Well, if secondlife is such a spetacular market, why don’t the famous brands in the real world make a good use of it? They can create virtual brand of their own, extend their exposure and even their promotion in the virtual world. Like Facebook, it has a large data base of users and many telecommunication companies want to make a good use of it. But no one step on the land to promote their real goods?

Is it because people using secondlife wants to avoid real life, and they don’t pay attention to the things they’ve already seen everyday out on the street?

Opps, is it banned?

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Second Life banned in Australia

According to this news, Second life is being censored for it’s pornography parts as well as other computer games.  I can see the potentical of banning the game because there exist a considerable amount of sexual themes and islands for sexual purposes. I knew that there are islands for avatars to do any sexual actions, there are animated poses for avatars. Within the cyberspace, you can do whatever you want  and it’s legal, well of course you have to be old enough.

What did second life do is, they set up an age verification system for users. If they are not yet on the standard, they can not access to specific islands and contact any sexual references on second life.

Since Secondlife is open for everyone, they have the responsibility to take concern of the user’s age and their accessibility. While the adults are having fun, children may receive the wrong directions and wrong information on what they should do or should not. Even though Australia is a counrty for freedom to speak, the censoring part has it’s reason to exist.