The Business Library is on the move

What’s happening with the Business Library?

The Business Library in Building 108 has closed, in line with the College of Business’s move to the Swanston Academic Building (SAB). There is no Library site in the SAB. Instead, the Business Library’s collection, furniture and student computers will find a new homes within an expanded Swanston Library.

We aim to have the the collection moved and additional spaces ready by 16 July (first day of Semester 2 for Higher Education students). It is possible that some parts of Swanston Library will have to close temporarily while we work to merge the collections.

Business Library staff

The familiar faces you know at the Business Library are moving to Swanston and will help you make the transition. Business Liaison Librarians are also moving, and will be located in office space adjacent to Swanston Library.  

Business Library collection

The Business Library’s collection will be integrated into the Swanston Library collections, creating a single, broader range of material for browsing and borrowing.

After the closure of the Business Library on 22 June, removalists began moving books and other items to Swanston Library, where they are being shelved among the Swanston Library collection. There will be inevitable interruptions to availability of items during this time; we regret this and will minimise temporary unavailability. We plan to have everything in its new home on the shelves at Swanston by 16 July.


We have instituted extended loan periods through the relocation period for the convenience of Library users. This means that all loans from the Business Library that would ordinarily be due between 22 June and 16 July will have a due date of 16 July. Return these items to any of the other Library sites.


Business Library reserve items have been transferred to Swanston LIbrary and are being processed before being available for loan.

Student computers

All student-use computers from the Business Library will be moving to Swanston Library.


The move will significantly increase demand for space in Swanston Library. To address this, the Library is introducing additional spaces for student study in Building 8, Level 6. These spaces are being renovated and will be ready by 16 July for the first day of Semester 2 classes (Higher Ed).


Frequently asked questions


Can I return books to the SAB?

No, but you can return them to the nearby Swanston or Carlton Library sites.  

I am a Business student. What do I need to know about Swanston Library?

Following the opening of SAB, Swanston Library will be your ‘home’ Library site. Swanston Library is located in Building 8, Level 5. It’s a large Library site with all the facilities you’re used to in the Business Library: group study rooms, computers, printing and photocopying, etc. The student computers from the Business Library will be added to those at Swanston.


The opening hours at Swanston Library are great for students; for most of the semester the Library is open until midnight Monday-Thursday. The Carlton Library is also just a few minutes’ walk from Swanston. You might want to get familiar with it as an alternative study space. Keep an eye out for the tours that will be offered to help you learn the features of Swanston Library early in Semester 2. Finally, don’t forget you can still Ask a Librarian all your library and research-related questions anytime!

I am an academic staff member moving to SAB. Can I donate my office book collection to the Library?

The Library is busy merging the Business and Swanston sites, and our focus is on providing flexible learning spaces for students at Swanston Library. We won’t be in a position to accept any book or periodical donations until after the Library merger is complete. You may want to check the RMIT Bookshop “buy back list” which is published on their website at the beginning of the semester.

Where will my School Liaison Librarian be located?

Business Liaison Librarians will be moving to the Swanston Library, so will be located in close proximity to SAB. You can contact your Liaison Librarian by phone or email.

Will a Liaison Librarian still be available to teach my students about research skills and Library resources?

Yes, the Liaison Librarian for your School will be available to conduct sessions either in the SAB teaching spaces or in the Library. Contact your Liaison Librarian for more information.   Do you have further questions about the SAB? There is a site for staff and one for students.

Do you have more questions about the expanded Swanston Library or the move? Email Rowan Mangan.

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