CSIT’s John Thangarajah on ABC radio, talking Angry Birds

Angry Birds game - a challenge for CSIT students

Angry Birds - a challenge for CSIT students

CSIT’s Dr John Thangarajah appeared on ABC radio this morning, talking about the AI 2012 Angry Birds: AI Challenge being organised by Australian National University (ANU) at the 25th Australasian Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, which is happening in Sydney from 4-7 December, 2012. John is heading a team of CSIT students who are taking part in the competition in Sydney and he talks about what they’ve been working on and the challenges involved.

Read more about John’s interview, including the transcript.

Listen to the interview (MP3).

ABC AM show – John Thangarajah interview

More about Dr John Thangarajah.

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